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Joanne gives various talks throughout the year. To arrange a speaking event, use the contact page. For recorded events and podcasts, see the Youtube playlist below.


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Treason and Glory: The Children of the House of Dudley

Saturday, February 10, 2024 · 6:30 - 10pm GMT
Southwark Cathedral

Join us for an unforgettable evening at Tales of Youth: The Big History Night In - By Candlelight!

'Tales of Youth' is a unique opportunity to gather with friends and family to explore the captivating tales that have shaped our world. Immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere, as we dim the lights and set the stage aglow with the warm flicker of candles.

Throughout the 3-hours, historians, storytellers, and performers will transport you back in time, regaling you with stories of triumphs, tragedies, and extraordinary adventures. From ancient civilizations to modern revolutions, you'll discover the secrets and wonders of the past, all while enjoying the company of fellow history enthusiasts.

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The House of Dudley: The Family Behind the Tudor Dynasty

29 May, 2025 7:30pm
Steyning Festival, Methodist Church

Join Dr Joanne Paul, historian, and author of ‘The House of Dudley’, for a fascinating glimpse into the hidden history of the Dudley Family – the power behind the throne in Tudor England! Each Tudor monarch made their name with a Dudley by their side—or by crushing one beneath their feet.

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The House of Dudley

Friday, 26 July 1:30pm
Harvington Hall History Festival

Each Tudor monarch made their name with a Dudley by their side—or by crushing one beneath their feet. This is the story of a family competing in a murderous game for  the English throne. Witness cunning, adultery, and sheer audacity from history's most brilliant, bold, and deceitful family. Welcome to the House of Dudley.​

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The House of Dudley: Just the Women

Wednesday, 21 August @ 2pm
The History Festival at Hever Castle

This isn’t the story of the Dudleys we might know – Edmund, John, Robert. This is the secret story of the women of the Dudley family, who for over a century continually picked up the pieces each time the family fell apart. It was their cunning, conniving and courtly brilliance that preserved the House of Dudley over generations, and their story has never been told.

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